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Karma justice and exes. Stories please...

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A lot of people here agree that the BU has made us better so I don't desire something bad to her. I just want her to get a sample of her medicine so she can grow up & be a better person, more in touch with her feelings and stop hurting people ... (3 in a row)


On the other side, what benefit will I get from this? ... Probably none.

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Had an awful break up. Ex lied to me, tried to steal from me and led me on for months. Often contacted me saying she loved me, wanted things to work out and that she had certainly not slept with anyone new. I didn't stalk, I didn't beg, I did NIC. Oddly, it seemed about every 2 weeks she would come back, almost begging for another chance, then disappear again. Eventually, I find out that she has been with a new guy since DAY 1 of our breakup. Meaning she had cheated on him many times during their relationship. She first proclaimed her love for him on Facebook on Oct 8, 1 day after our heated break up (she had been looking for an excuse for god knows how long).


One day, she comes back begging, saying all sorts of twisted things about him and putting him down. She breaks up with him, says she wants to come back to me. Not to be taken for a fool, I get in contact with her newly formed ex. The amount of LIES uncovered in just one conversation were astounding. Not just to me, but both of us. Their entire relationship was based on lies! (as I'm sure mine was) So at this point, she has absolutely trashed him and said he makes her unhappy as a partner. Lied to his face for 4 months. He has trashed her and criticised all kinds of her character values. Said she's the worst thing that ever happened to him. Posted offensive videos on her facebook wall, called her a [name for prostitute], contacted her father. They BOTH KNOW ALL OF THIS.


Where are they now? Back together.. in an unhappy relationship. Where am I? Happy, with myself, where my life is going, and my new partner.


I'd call that justice. Hope I never hear from her again!

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I am with Jonas here, don't think there is such a thing as karma. I think its a numbers game. In life there is always a black stripe after a happy-go-lucky white stripe, so considering the number of people/stories out there that black stripe is bound to occur at some point to a fraction of person who wronged someone else, just a matter of time/stats and that is karma imho. If it helps to believe in such concept as karma than by all means but better yet just keep on keeping on because you know what comes after the black stripe, that's right, another happy-go-lucky white stripe.


As to the topic of this thread. I've had a couple of LTRs ending in nasty break up, one over a year and the latter over 5 years. With ex #1 we went into LDR and she left me for a former friend of mine. Anyways, a few months later she gets knocked up, former friend dumps her, she is left miserable with no education, much support, uncertain future. Never heard from either of them but felt sorry for her. With ex #2, we went into LDR again few years into relationship, this time going away for work (may be a pattern here lol). Well she left me for her co-worker, a month later they are happily living together and are together to this day three year later.


Okay ramble over, good thread though OP entertaining to read so far keep 'em stories coming.

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