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BC pills & that time of the month....


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I am on bc pills for 5 yrs now and my periods have been shorter and lighter for the most part. I know I start my period on a tuesday when it comes down to the inactive pills. Well, I had forgotten to take my bc pill on friday and took it with my saturday bc immediately. That day I felt cramps and so I had gone to the bathroom which I noticed some spotting. I thought I was starting 3 days early but then it stopped. It had gone away and then the spotting came back last yesterday afternoon which I assumed I was now starting a day early. I haven't had sex with my bf since sunday morning. Now that it's tuesday and it makes it the day for my period to start.


I haven't started yet and I am getting a bit worried. I am really good on remembering to take the pill. But for whatever reason I thought I had taken it on friday in the morning, I guess I didn't. I don't know if forgetting to take it one day but taking with the next days bc pill. Will that effect my cycle? I honestly not ready to get pregnant right now! My bf and I want to get our things together before considering any kids. It just seems like I normally start in the mornings.

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I miss lots of pills lately (I shouldn't admit but hey if I am not doing anything I dont remember, I am really diligent if I am) and cramping and spotting and altered periods is all normal if you miss some. Also if I have to double up I also get sick as in throwing up, so lots of these things happen.

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yeah try not to miss your pills.. I missed one last week and had to take 2 the next day.. I ended up having one of the worst periods of my life intense cramping, etc. So i do think it can mess up your cycle even if its just one day

ALso I've been told that if you do miss the pill for even one day, its safer to use other forms of protection for at least a week to get back on track just in case.

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