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Addiction (drugs): stories to share

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Can anyone share with me a story of addiction from beginning to present? Like someone's progression from starting to experiment with drugs, and then maybe trying new drugs and so on, and how it affected their lives. Personal stories would really give me some insight.


The reason why I'm asking is because I just need some insight right now. I won't say why, cause I'm still waiting to see how things will unfold, so I can't really say.

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My brother went through a very dark time in his teen years. It was one of those cases where he tried "mild" drugs such as pot and progressed to just about everything else you can think of. He was arrested, my parents tried everything from therapy to bribing him, sent him to live with his biological father, 30 day rehab etc. Nothing worked. Then they started looking to camps. Places where you send your child for several years to get clean and learn life skills.


It worked. At 16 they sent him away and he was at this school until he was 18 and a half. He is drug free to this day, went to college, got married etc. With out the school he would be dead right now. He had to get away not just from his "friends" who where druggies but also the whole family to learn how to interact differently.

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I have a fair amount of experience watching what drugs do to people and especially their children from my work as a Guardian ad Litem. I've watched meth turn a bright young woman with a decent future into a violent stripper who has now lost one of her kids and will likely lose the next one she's pregnant with. She's involved with a man who beats her senselessly but can connect her with the drugs she wants - so she stays with him.


I've seen parents sell their children in order to get the money for that next high. People who are so intoxicated from chemicals parade into court every week and cannot even comprehend what's happening to their lives.


On the flip side I've met many wonderful people in the chemical dependency treatment areas. I've seen lots of people turn it around once they get serious about making a huge change in their lives.

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My brother started experimenting with drugs when he was 16. My parents had just divorced and my father moved out of state and I was away at college 7 hours away. Girls love bad boys so when my brother became a bad boy through drugs, he got really popular with girls which really encouraged/validated his lifestyle and choices. He eventually tried heroin some older pretty girl shared with him and got hooked. Started stealing from friends and family. Wrecked cars. Overdosed at 22.

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