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Moving to Ireland


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I've been planning on moving from America to Ireland for a few years now. I've studied on it and am confused on how the money differs from their country to ours? Also, my great grandmother was a legal citizen of Ireland before she came to America. I'm planning on finding her through Long View Island to get citizenship. I have a job that pays five thousand a month. Anything else I need to know about moving there?

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Most countries require you to have a job already lined up there or a sponsor who will guarantee to look after you. My husband wanted to emigrate to the UK because his parents are from there. We did not end up going because for him it was just a fancy of wanting to be " British" because his parents were. Just make sure you want to go for the right reasons and not because it is a whim of wanting to be something from the past.

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It's not as easy as yoj think. I'm moving to the UK this Oct and in order to do so my husband (mh sponsor) has to make x amount of money and have x amount left over at the end of the week to show we can support ourselves without going into public funds. We also have to have accommodation. The only visa I know of that lets you work immediately upon landing is a marriage visa so you def need to do some research on what they require.

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