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He's shy but was he also a virgin?


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Ok, so I've known this guy for about a year, we've been hanging out a lot. I knew he liked me but he was/is very shy. Anyways about 7 months into our relationship I'd been out with friends and he came collected me and took me home. I'd been drinking, quite a bit, and when my guy got me home I made a move. He said he's no protection so things didn't go any further. So he kinda avoided me for about 3 weeks and I thought i'd blown it! However he got back in touch saying he'd been busy, so we get back to where we were.

Last weekend he was at mine, no alcohol this time, we were watching some tv, he put his arm round my shoulders and got in closer, then he told me I had nice boobs and kissed my cheek, so I kissed his nose! I was taken aback by his comment because he's never said anything like that to me before, we've had a kiss but it's always been initiated by me!

So anyways, we get to kissing and I couldn't help myself and we did the deed. I initiated it but he never said no.

I knew he'd not had many girlfriends before but was he a virgin? Not that it matters to me at all it's just that he seems to have backed off a bit again, he called next day to say he had a nice time, and we chatted but he's not been in touch since, only been 5 days, but I do usually get a text.

Why I think he might be a virgin, while I was touching him, he never touched me anywhere intimate, he 'fell out' a couple of times but I sorted that. It's hard to explain but he just wasn't doing things that other guys do. He did get the condom on with one hand though? And if he was a virgin could that be the reason behind him backing off now?

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Sounds to me like he was a virgin yes. Maybe he's expecting you to text him?


For us men, until we get the hang of it with our first lady you women are somewhat of a mystery. We don't understand you, what turns you on, whether you like sex or just "put up with it" etc. I was always told during my childhood that women didn't like sex and it was a hassle to them. Needless to say during my youth I found the very thought of women nothing but an uphill struggle. When I finally found one (or rather when one finally pounced on me) I couldn't believe how wrong I'd been for years on end. Not only did she enjoy sex but initiated it as much as possible! I suddenly realised that women are not all prudes and that you don't have to date a woman for 3 years before she'll go to bed with you and that many do have a high sex drive like men.


Thats a LOT to get your head around as a young man. The fact that he's not touched you intimately means that he doesn't understand that it works for you. You need to grab his hand and put it there for him to get the message. For all you know he might be ignoring you thinking he's not good enough for you and he's cocked it up. Call him, tell him you want to meet up again and have some more fun etc.

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