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Discovered she is lying, but I'm no good either & am in a tough spot....


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Ok, this past November I moved one town over (about 25 mins away). My mom just now found out I have moved, but doesn't know where or when. I didn't tell her because my mom can be weird/stalkerish (last time I moved, she stalked my apt. complex until she found my parked car then figured out what apt. I was in....yeah creepy...she couldn't wait til I got settled in for me to give her my new address?). Now, after my mom just found out I moved, just as predicted, she started asking anyone and everyone what my exact address is, I told my girlfriend to "be on the lookout" cause she would most definitely ask her.


Now my many moons ago my mom checked her email on my own pc, and accidentally saved the password when Firefox asked, so over time I have acquired this horrible horrible habit of scanning thru her emails from time to time for any info that would be useful to me (I know, I know, everything about this is wrong and I need to stop, but set this on the back burner for now...). A couple days ago I saw my mom emailed my girlfriend asking if I moved and where to. I saw my girlfriend's reply revealing what city I moved to but nothing more specific than that, along with other boring chit-chat about how she was doing, etc. Later that day I asked my girlfriend if my mom had contacted her at all about my move, she said no (lie #1). I said Are you Sure?, to which she said yes and that she would check her email again later. Later on she said that my mom had sent her an email but she said she didn't say anything about my move (lie #2). I then put my girlfriend on the spot asking her "you would never lie to me, right?", to which she said "no, what good would that do me?" (lie #3). I asked once more if she said anything at all about me moving to my mom, to which she still remained "no" (lie #4).


So now I am between a rock and a hard place. I know I am a horrible person for going thru my mom's email, that is something I should never ever do. Part of me wants to confront my girlfriend about lying and why she did it, but obviously if I do that I will show my hand and she will be mad at me for eavesdropping on private information (which she has every right to be mad about). I have always trusted my girlfriend with everything, but now I don't know what to believe after discovering she is lying. I think she did it just to protect me somehow, and she probably thinks its not a big deal...that's my guess anyway. But I don't know what to do. I honestly wish I would've never went thru my mom's email like a stupid nosy idiot.

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Honestly, I don't think it is a big deal. She doesn't want you to know that your mother asked her (too) especially after you specifically told her to be on the lookout. Telling you the truth would only make you more annoyed at your mother. I'm not saying lying is the right thing to do but I feel it was the correct thing to do in that situation. And seriously, sign out of your mother's email account. What you don't know won't hurt you.

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Why is your mom doing this? Are you scared about her finding out where you live or where you are? If yes and your girlfriends knows this, I don't know why she'd even tell your mom anything. The lies seem innocent enough but without knowing why your mom is like this and why you aren't telling her about it, it's tough to say anything about the lies.

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