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This is why it's really hard to let go!!!


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Obviously, I'm still pinning for my ex. It's been 5 months. And it's been 2+ weeks of trying not to contact her, trying to erase her from my memory.


The Thoroughly Modern Guide to Breakups:

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I think every person in a relationship should have the article above bookmarked just in case she wants to breakup in the future. Because my ex didn't do it properly that makes it really hard for me to let go. (Although I'm feeling much better now)


1. She broke up with me and then told me let's be friends and see where it goes.


2. She rejected me the second time, then after 2 weeks of not calling her, she sent me a "happy valentines" text. It's unfair.


And then 2 days ago, after eating chinese food, the fortune cookie told me "Someone you care about seeks reconciliation"!!! I'm not kidding! LOL

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To be honest it sounds like she's playing games. She broke up and then said let's be friends....but.... let's see where that goes... (aka. you may win me back, we'll see how good you are)

You were probably relatively happy to hear her give you that second chance, I've been in that spot. Then she has the nerve to turn you down... and then on the most "romantic" day of the year send you a test text?


I'm guessing she is just keeping you on the backburner dude, perhaps testing the waters with you and other guys (?). Go hard NC and if she texts you again ask her what her intentions are with you because you feel so-and-so... until then do your own thing and live life!


As for the fortune cookie, those things are open-ended hope givers... which isn't a bad thing, I'm just saying don't read too much into it, I'm sure you're not


Good luck

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