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okay just need someone to help put my mind at ease


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okay so last tuesday i took my pill but vomited a short time after ( im not sure if it was long enough for the pill to be absorbed my body).


Wednesday and thursday i forget it. friday i took two pill to make up for the two days i had missed. Saturday i forget again but remebered 6 pm that night so took it then. sunday and monday i took them both.


anyway, my question is, should i still be safe from pregnancy?


feedback much appreciated , thanks =)

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Wait. You weren't taking BC BEFORE this week? As in this week was your very first, ever week of taking the pill?


If that's the case than yeah, there is a HUGE chance your pregnant considering they tell you to wait at least a week after starting BC to have unprotected sex because the pill has to have time to get into your system. It doesn't matter when you start ovulation - sperm can stay alive in your vagina for up to a week after sex. So even though you may not ovulate until say Tues, the sperm fro Fri or Sat could still be in you and fertalize the egg.


I also don't think taking an injection with a pill is a viable 'other' form of BC. Not sure but I don't think you can take both kinds of those BC at the same time.

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this is the way people get pregnant while on the pill.

miss a pill here or there, ehen have unprotected sex. i know because i do it all the time and its not good. people like us definitely need an different form of birth control.

the likelihood of you being pregnant depends on where you were in your cycle. 9- 14 days from the first day of your last period is the MOST unsafe time to have unprotected sex.

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Best to ring a family planning or birth control clinic.

I feel their advice will be there is a high risk here.

There is a risk of pregnancy even if taking the ocp 100% correctly, and forgetting pills early in the cycle is not good.

It is worth contacting a clinic for advice on this as well as a subcutaneous , intramuscular or intra-uterine form of BC for future.

You will be lucky to escape this one. The only fact in your favour is that you have been on the pill for a few mths and often one does not usually fall pregnant straight after stopping ocp ( this is the experience of those trying to conceive).

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thankyou for your advice.

yes i am hoping that i am not pregnant due to the fact that i have been on the pill for a few months now. i don't want to take a pregancy test. i will wait to see if i get my period in about two weeks.

i know my boyfriend would not be happy and that i would be alone, either getting an abortion or keeping the baby. so fingers crossed that i am not pregnant. i would the chances are in my favor =)

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