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Having a Bad day :(


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Ive been no contact for 3 weeks now and have heard nothing. Was kinda hoping that he would have started missing me or text to at least see how i was but nothing.. Feeling really down today and feeling like i should text him to say hi. What are peoples thoughts??? i miss him sooo much. he dumped me just before new year as he said he didnt feel the same anymore and felt it was for the best. he did say he wanted to keep in touch but i ended up getting upset and calling him an 'idiot' for not seeing what we had. and since that he has deleted me off facebook and i havent heard from him again. what do i do sooo upset. also the time since weve broken up i havent seen or met anyone that comes remotely close to what he was like. he was my perfect guy.

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Why was he so perfect?


Its ok to have bad days but you have to move past it, do something else to help take your mind off those thoughts. Sitting in won't help. I'm 3wks into BU and I'm ok, really I am. I've joined a Yoga class, I've been out with work friends, with girlfriends, caught up on all those little things I never had time to get done, I've tried to focus well at work, I'm exercising.


I'm determined that he or the BU will NOT get the better of me. I am still healthy and I am still alive. I still have my friends, I still have my car, I still have my job and I still have my self esteem and respect.


Sure I was upset even distraught for the first few days and I have the rare moment now. But I can see that actually this person was not the one for me, there is something far better out there.


Perhaps make a pros and cons list of him and your relationship? Can I suggest reading some self help books too, break up ones or self growth ones. I also recommend exercise as it really does give you a boost of endorphins which do lighten your mood and stress levels.


Be strong, you can carry on with NC and in a few weeks you probably will look back at the situation and chuckle or smile about it because you feel so much better.

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I think if you contact him at this point, you're just going to feel worse. Back to square one. My ex broke up with me about a month ago, I stopped talking to him for 10 days. He begged me back at that point and after talking it through, I accepted working on the relationship. Here I am today, 2 days after our most recent break up. It wasn't going to change and I bowed out gracefully. However, I have to start all over again with my healing and that part sucks the worst. I love him very much, but I know he's never going to give me what I need from a relationship. Don't put yourself back to the beginning of healing. Soon you will see that others do have potential as a partner and eventually will feel like dating again.

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our break up was for reasons outside our 3 years loving relationship.. we still love and miss each other. but he did not ask to come back for 3 months.. we had some talkes always instigated by me. 3 weeks ago he asked for no contact so that he would come back on his own and to leave it to him. I am still hoping he'll miss me and want to contact me. I have moments when I think I should contact him and just tell him how much I miss him and I am very sorry for forcing the break up. But everybody tell me not to break it and really I feel I am respecting my self and he will also respect me for respecting his desire to not have pressure put on him. I am not doing this for myself and I know this si the mistake I am making .. I am doing this for HIM. I miss him so much and still until now have these panick attackes of uncontrollable crying until I feel my heart, nerves scream.. I suppose I will never heal. I understand cute090 when she says he was the most perfect man. Mine was and is at least for me.

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I understand cute090 when she says he was the most perfect man. Mine was and is at least for me.


I know how this feels too. Regardless of all of the bad things that have happened between myself and my ex, I would be foolish if I didn't admit to myself that I hope he finds his way back to me. It would be very hard and unfair to other men I date with all of the comparing I would do. With that said...I'm going to force myself to date and just remember that they're just dates! No looking to fall in love, I wouldn't be ready anyway. But no sense in sitting around and sulking either. And I'm going to do that for ME, because I've already given all I can for the relationship and HIM.

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