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is he selfish or what?


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So my guy friend Jack borrowed Mass Effect 2 from my girl friend Bee (she knows him too) since October and now she wants it back. Bee told him to bring the game to my house (since he lives so close to me) and she will pick it up at my house just so as long as it's not in his hands. I don't know why she didn't ask him to return it to her mailbox or in person in the first place. Why bring me into this? So, then I asked Bee to just ask Jack to return the game to her in person since she doesn't drive and have a car. I didn't want her to take the bus or ask one of our friends to come pick it up at my house.


I just thought Jack is selfish and inconsiderate. I mean he is the one who borrowed the game and should at least return it to her. Why should she have to take bus 1 hour to get to my house and take the bus back? I just thought it was so unfair and messed up especially for a guy. It doesn't matter if she was the one who suggested it, a guy should tell them that they could return it to her. I know I am being nosy, but I was somehow brought into this and they want to put this in my mailbox, but I don't want it in my mailbox and much rather have him return it to her instead. Anyways, I was just gonna let that go and allow him to put it in my mailbox, but he said something really selfish. He said he doesn't know why she suggested to have him place the game in my mailbox but its easier on him. And when I told him that my friend wants him to return it to her instead, he said boo. So I told him you're the one who borrowed it, you should at least return it to her. Don't bring me into this. He said if he doesn't know why I am in this conversation. Well I was somehow brought into this because they wanted to place it in my mailbox. He told me to stop talking and said this doesn't concern me.


Plus he didn't even get the game from her. Bee handed me the game to hand it t Jack. At least he could have returned it to her. For a guy, he's selfish and ahole. I already knew he was selfish mutt and lazy to return it unless he gets something back. IT's like what's in it for me? for him. That's why I wanted him to return it. He said he's not being selfish. He said didn't I say I will return it on tuesday? yea until I nagged him about it, then he said he will return it on tuesday when he was in the area. I knew he was in the area on tues/thurs cuz he goes to school near Bee's house. if he said earlier, then I will leave him alone, but don't say too bad... That's hella messed up. i'm doing it for a friend. something a friend suppose to do. he should know if he were a friend -.-

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