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Do you think this guy will actually meet me, or did his feet get cold?


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I've been talking to this guy from an online dating site for awhile. We have each other on facebook and stuff. We live 45 minutes apart. However, on Valentine's Day he messaged me saying he had got the nerve to ask me to meet soon. He actually offered to come out that night, but it was already pretty late and I was tired so we scheduled something for this afternoon (Saturday). He said he was really looking forward to meeting me and said I seemed really attractive and nice and all that stuff. I didn't talk to him for a few days because I didn't want anything to be said that would make the date not happen.. I tend to say awkward things to guys when I'm nervous that I'm going to meet them. Two things I was a little iffy about: he asked me if I wanted to drink on the meet, and he offered the possibility of going for a drive if I liked him, although he did say drive OR walk. Anyway, that doesn't matter now, but it made me think that he might have been hoping to get laid at the meet even though he's looking for a relationship, since he made a few sexual comments about me too. Fast forward to today.. an hour and a half before we're supposed to meet, he said he can't make it because he was going to borrow his Mom's car and now she's using it. I said it was alright, and I hoped we could do it another time instead.. originally he'd said he was free on reading week from school all this next week. He bent over backwards apologizing four times but offered no possibilities of rescheduling. I think he might have got cold feet. I for some reason was really nervous, more nervous than for my other meets, and I almost didn't show up either. I was nearly crying and felt sick because I was so nervous, so he could have felt the same.. no idea.. but I usually don't feel quite like that. Btw, he is six years older than me so he might have decided I'm too young. I'm not sure. Anyway, what do you guys think, is it a permanent case of the cold feet or do you think he might come back around asking me to meet him? After he apologized and we talked a bit, I told him I would talk to him later since I was a little depressed about not meeting him (didn't tell that part to him) but he didn't say bye or anything. He hasn't blocked me or deleted me on msn or facebook. I'm worried he thinks I might be fake though even though he's seen all my facebook pics, since I wouldn't go on cam for him. I just think cam is awkward and invites too many problems, like someone asking someone else to get naked.

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