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Would this be considered too extreme and/or outlandish?


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Ok, so I happen to live in a VERY strange city in the United States as it relates to the "dating scene". Anyway, after leaving the military I moved to CO Spgs, CO for a job and was subsequently laid off. After being laid off I began my undergraduate degree program here. Anyway, on to my question. Unbeknownst to me and despite having a population of roughly 500,000 give or take, this city is nonetheless a horrible city if you are single and wish to date people. Every woman who moves here falls into one of two categories to include the following: 1. A MARRIED Army or Air Force wife or 2. a woman who was already married to some dude BEFORE moving to Colorado Springs with her husband. To make matters even worse, the few single women who do live here tend to only date guys that they went to junior high and high school with. So, with all of this being said, I am sick and tired of being looked at by all these married women when I am out in public. Every time that I go grocery shopping it almost never fails that some woman wearing a wedding ring is looking at me and I don't like that one bit. They are most likely looking at me because I am not with a woman because I don't have a wife or gf like all of the other drones/clones in this city. The only other reason that they might be potentially be looking at me is because they are attracted to me and I am NOT interested in cheating with someone's wife so they are SOL. So, I have seriously considered buying a fake wedding band to wear whenver I go out in public in Colorado Springs, CO so that I will fit in better here. I am tired of being looked at as some sort of weird outcast every time that I go grocery shopping simply because I don't fit the typical "married with kids" demographic which is predominant in this town. Do you guys know where I could find a relatively inexpensive "wedding band" to wear so that I will not be looked at as being "deviant" where I live? I realize that the practical solution to this problem is to move to a non-military city where I MIGHT stand a chance of fitting in better, but that is still a few months away. Just for informational purposes, Co Spgs, CO has no less than 5 military bases so that in and of itself is why this city is such a horrible place to be single because there is simply too much military influence in this town. It was the same way where I was stationed back on the east coast too.

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I really don't think that wearing a wedding ring is going to solve your problems.

With all due respect annie, what do you think WOULD solve my problems (no sarcasm intended)? I feel like an absoute freak and it hurts me to think that I am going to most likely die alone due to life circumstances which were totally out of my control. I'm quite certain that you've read my previous posts and I am FAR removed from the path that most young people get to take in life. I'm not sure if you're from the states, Canada, the UK, or Australia, but most people have the privilege of getting to live in the same city/town their entire lives and get to go straight to college after high school. The conditions which I just mentioned help most people to begin dating at a normal age which subsequently helps them to marry by 27 or 28 at the latest. As for me, I am the "loser" who was too unlucky to be able to go to college and get to sleep around with lots of women which is a social expectation of American men. No woman is going to want some freak such as myself who is 30 years old and has never dated and/or never had any type of serious relationship experience. I am trying to dig myself out of the hole that my a**hole father dug for me as I am only a couple of semesters shy of FINALLY graduating with my BA. Also, CO Spgs, CO IS a horrible city for single men and I don't understand why that is so hard for folks to believe. In fact, military towns in the United States are not known for having boat loads of single women. Again, with all due respect, would you mind elaborating on potential solutions to my problems that you mentioned in your post above?

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I think it's all about self-perception. If you see yourself as a freak, others will see you that way too. If you see yourself as a bold adventurer who has taken a different path in life, women will see you that way too.


Agreed. And wearing a wedding band if you're not married is just a lie. If you don't like military towns, why live in one? I sure wouldn't.

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When you are finished with your degree, then be sure to research the best city for single men in the U.S. and then move there. Then join some groups that interest you and would also include women (hiking clubs, scouts, the library, a gaming club, animal shelter, etc.). Put it out there that you are single and interested.


Do not - I repeat - DO NOT - wear a wedding ring. If, for some reason you happen to meet an eligible woman and you were wearing it then you would have blown your chances, and she would really think you were strange. That is not being truthful, and is not really addressing the real issue at hand.


If you feel uncomfortable being single and you are basing your sense of worth on whether you are married or not, then it would help you to go to a counselor. Once you have a healthier self-image that is independent of whether or not you are married, then I bet you will attract a healthier relationship into your life.


A good book for you might be: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


Good luck with your studies and your upcoming move! You are on the home stretch...

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