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Asking her out, what should my next step be?


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Ok this is a bit of an update an continuation from my previous thread, (asking her out just got weird) (see my profile if you want to read it)


in my Last thread i was going to ask her out but she was having major drama issues with an ex-girlfriend and i was unsure about going through with it.


well i did ask her out, she turned me down. On the the grounds that she has a "bad track record" obviously with the drama issues that seem to follow her. i knew that before i asked, that's why i made the first thread. the second reason she gave me was "being a full time student and working full time has me to busy"


now the thing is, while both those arguments are valid, I still want to try again.


With the issue of a "bad track record" i have no real argument against it, all i can say is "I Don't Care" and really i don't it's something that isn't going to change with time it's a "record" and you can only really try to improve that record. I know what i'm getting into here with that.


And not having enough time to date. well that's something i CAN argue against, first of all the more i learn about her daily schedule the more i see enough free time to actually do something, the only problem is getting that message to her. she doesn't usually text ANYBODY back or email, or call, unless your face to face with her it's difficult to plan any sort of night out. but she has the time, we would only need to find a better method of making plans. plus she won't be a full time student forever, we have spring break coming up and summer break is a semester off, that's about 3 months where the whole week is freed up, she works late nights, days and afternoons would be open.


so what i'm trying to ask is this : how can i bring these issues up to her, and is it worth the effort to try? Am i doing the ok thing by trying to address these issues and by asking her out again?

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I would not ask her out again. Do not try to show she is wrong about having no time. All you are going to do is invalidate what she really thinks is the truth, or show her you know her excuse is BS.


I am willing to fight for what I want, I am not willing to fight for a girl, when I have to fight with the girl herself to be with me. All it does is comes accross as begging, being needy, clingy etc.


You asked, she said no. Anything you do to try to get her to change her mind is going to work against you. You might can let her know you still want to go out with her now, and if she changes her mind before your with someone else to let you know and YOU will consider it at that time.

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