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Potential abusers from youtube?


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I've gotten already 2 anger messages from a jerk on youtube. He keep venting out about beating me up. Why would a man even talk that way to a woman online? What type of jerk acts happy about beating us up? Do they even know that's not attractive at all? This is about the 3rd or 4th time I've gotten messages from guys that claim they would beat a woman with no problem at all. One thing in common is they kept using the C or B word on me. I haven't done anything wrong but stated my opinion on something and they went crazy writing garbage.


I responded back and told him I can messed up his privates way before getting knocked out. Seriously, I would do whatever it takes to disable an opponent if they came at me like that in real life (even with a gun).


Or was I responding to trolls waiting for a reaction? Are they really abusers?

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They are trolling. Youtube users are notoriously known for being abusive trolls. Most of them are teenagers messing around for fun.


Just ignore or block them or report them to the site.

Yeah I blocked this jerk. I'm considering taking a long break from youtube. It's sad now these teenagers don't have proper education at home nor even have a concept of the word manners.
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Thats youtube, you are better off ignoring everything under the video. Only the person who uploaded the video can moderate, so its like a shooting gallery in there. I uploaded a martial arts video based on my opinions and people started calling me all sorts of names, threatening me, and all sorts of garbage. They are punks, usually young-kids, racists people, and just odd goofballs.


No, they cant locate you, and even if they did i doubt you are the only one they are venting their insecurities on to take notice.

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Haha how old are you? I can't remember the last time I took a threat from someone on the internet seriously.
I'm a bit less than 2 months shy of turning 25. I know... it shouldn't bother me but it can get annoying. It makes me think if they really hate us, then what are they doing on this planet?
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Hey There!


Don't respond to them at all. Are they posting comments to a video on your account? Are other comments you're receiving positive? Just ignore them. All sorts of people post comments online. They could be teenagers posting mean things for fun, you just never know. Can you block these people? Maybe you should just do that.


I know I have a friend who gets crazy comments like that online, he's pretty used to it though. Most responses are positive. He does reply to the negative comments, however I think he does it for his own amusement.

If I were you, I'd just block them.

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You did just what they wanted. You talked to them.
Yeah I'm gonna ignore them next time. I just found that poster who made that comment, also made a video mocking the sept 11 attack.... how rude. He's not only a misogynist but I think he's anti-American too.

I wish youtube had a rude that made sure posters like that get their accounts banned. It would be kool.

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