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Confused on the next move


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I used to see this guy around campus but it never really went on past that until last week.. I was walking to my class and he was walking towards me with his friend. I was looking at him in his eyes and realized he was looking at me too! that kinda got me so i looked away and after a few seconds I looked back at him and saw that he was still looking at me. As we past each other, I heard him say 'hi' and I blurted out 'hi' which sounded totally whack cause I wasn't expecting it. It felt really awkward because he has never done that and now I don't know what to do. Should I randomly say hi to him the next time I see him or would that be totally awkward?? I'm confused!!

And oh, he usually chills out in the cafe where I go for lunch at (just noticed that after the awkward moment, or did he start being there recently? I don't know) anyway, I'm really shy so I don't think I'd approach him there

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