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is this something totally irrational?


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Hey everyone,

So my boyfriend drives a sweet convertible. its a manual one so you have to push it down and lock it in. he has small chips in the paint by the passenger side of the flap on the trunk of the car where you lock the one side down. he told me that it was some peoples jewelry, bracelets or watches that chipped the paint. it was probably his ex girlfriend. im a little jealous! a forever reminder about her. is that irrational to feel weird about this? its nothing he can control, and maybe it was other people, too. who knows. he says he doesnt remember. should i even care?


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What a crappy legacy! A blemish on an otherwise awesome car...


If you are going to be jealous - at least try to pick something good to be jealous over. Like a vacation they took together or something. At least you might get something good out of it... do you really want to chip his car too??

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