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worried i might have creeped her out


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So i have been talking to a gir on a dating site...we chatted for a week and i asked for her number..she said..."im not really sure about that ye"t...we talked for a few more weeks and i asked her if she would like to go miniature golfing.She said she would and she seems excited about it...she kept talking about how she will beat me and how she is good at it.i then asked for her number again about a week later and she said ...."not yet..to be honest with you, i really dont like texting and dont really have the time sInce I work two jobs, and am usually at work"


I'm a bit worried about possibly bothering her by asking her for her number a second time. I figured that since we have planned to meet up she would give it to me. I sent a message two days ago asking when she will be free next week and she hasn't responded. So now I'm worried. If she doesn't respond should I explain to her that I wasn't trying to be ppushy about getting her number?



Is she maybe just playng it safe? I mean she might be worried that I'll blow up her phone and always try to talk to her? maybe she wants to meet me in person first then she will feel more ocmfortable?

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I would say, "here is my number, call me when you want to talk." then leave the ball in her court. I think minigolfing is a great date idea - in public, easy going. If she doesn't want to meet, oh well.


If she is really hot i would do this


I would say next. You made several attempts, asked her out already and if she's too busy with whats going on with her life then she's too busy for dating.


Otherwise i would do this

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I would have moved on. I remember when i first went on a dating site i added some girl from one to my fb. She seemed really sweet, and sweetness is what drives me crazy. So after a few days of comfort, i asked for her number and she replied with, "i dont know about that right now". I just said, "ok..." And then moved on and ignored. In my experience, its usually because they are already dating, they dont want to serial date, but they keep contact for comfort.


I wasnt on a dating site for a fb friend at that time, especially since i have an inbox with numbers being sent of women of equal attraction putting themselves out there to me and giving me a chance.

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On to the next one....


You asked this girl for her number twice? If she didn't give it out after chatting for a week, you should have just moved on from there. She obviously likes logging on to the website and replying to the handful of guys who are throwing themselves at her.


Don't message her anymore... don't give her your number. Chalk this one up as a learning experience. If you ask once after a sufficient amount of time (a week is acceptable) and she says no, she's a waste of time.

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Welcome to the world of online dating. Yes it can suck if you let it.


There are women that "virtual date" (just message a lot to make themselves feel attractive and wanted) then there are women that will not put themelves out there even though they say they want to date and then there are the ones as explained above that try and keep you in a holding pattern as they see how things work out with some other guy they have been talking to.


Best advice is to distract yourself with someone else and if you see her still on the site in a month of so send her a message telling her it didn't seem like the timing was righ for us before so let's try again to get together and get to know each other better.


Some women need to message back and forth for a long time before they are ready for the next step and others send their number on the second message. Next time do what I do. I simply tell them: I would like to get to know you better but it is a little hard on this site for that. I know everyones comfort level is different so if you like we can talk, text, email or continue on here. It is up to you as I am good either way.


I use this when I can tell they are shy or stand offish. Email is a good and safe way for them to move from the site to a more personal conversation and then before long you are exchanging numbers. Personally I don't like the "here is my number get a hold of me if you want to talk" that leaves you waiting and wondering which is not good for you.


This crap happens all the time so learn from it and send out some more messages to new women.



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