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am i being played? or am i just stupod??


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well am gonna keep this simple.. me and my ex broke up a year ago tday..after a 3 year r/s..2months after she stard seing a new guy and told me straight up which i respected..and left them too it!! any way while she was seing him we still flirted calls text skyppe we went out as a normal couple for the next 2 months and stayed friends as she wanted to. i did too!! then she tells me that her new boyf was moving away abroad!! so he moves away and we start sleeping together acting like nothing was wrong.. somtimes she would keep her distance but we was more or less a couple..FWB if you like always with eachother staying at eachothers houses .. her constantly callng at silly hours and even saying she loves me anyway she decided to go se him and i was cool with that as she sad she doesnt know what she wants!! she cant choose between us,..so we carry on sleeping together constantly calling texting skyping..even told me she has fellings for me at xmas..then she goes to see him.. i hear nothing from her until she came back and asked if i would go traveling with her and that she misses me..also that she wants to talk to me face to face to sort things out!! she says she has the same feelings for me as i have for her which is alot. i back off a bit and still she keeps calling ..so i give in and we start talking on the phone etc..and sending nice texts hinting that there might be a second chace for us, constantly she was saying that she wants to be in my company..anyway the weekend just gone my best mate emails me on the thursday saying he bumped into her at the wkend and they ended up kissing..he sed it just happened it waasnt intentional and he wanted to see her again..knowing full well how i fell for her so told him to get out of my life..baring in mind i spoke to her on the sunday and she didnt say anything.. so i text her on the thurs asking if she kissed him and she replys .. yes am sorry its not cool at all!!so i rang her up and gave her what for on the phone.. i asked whats going on with us and she says there never will be a chance.i also asked are you seing my best mate and she says no way!! i told her never to speak to me again and stay out of my life.. i know my mate has fancied her for a while so...he was out for himself!!


i dunno what to do know..should i call her??


what will she be thinking??


i love her dearly and i really thought that we was getting close again


its so difficult..can anybody point me in the right direction

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Wow mixhot that is not right how you're being treated! She sounds vapid and self absorbed, she's consistently cheating on her current boyfriend with you which is the disservice to the both of you guys. Then she kisses your best friend?! Ex-girlfriends are always a no-no, but its ten times worse because you have been in contact/sleeping with her consistently. Your friend screwed you over pretty hard and if you're not comfortable with him dating her you should tell him.


Honestly she sounds like she has really low self esteem and is using all these men to raise it up for her. She sounds awful, drop this one like a bad habit and find yourself a nice girl.

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Attention * * * * * , is just what I'd call this girl. And no I don't think that's going too far. I've been involved in a flirtation or two with this type of guy and if you want a relationship, or even just honesty, run the other way as fast as you can. If you want to game play a bit: she's playing the field, and so should you. I don't really advocate this stance given what you say you feel about her though. She's going to just hurt you in the end.



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she contacted me via email and sed she was never going to get back with me.. and we are just friends and she wanted to go traveling with me as friends.. she says the kiss wasnt planned it just happened.. and she wants to see him again.. she sed she knows its not cool and deal with it!! i really dont know what to do!! im messed up

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Good lord. She is just a user. Been there! Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who are totally messed up. Let her go and find a nice girl. This girl has problems with her self and is in no condition to have a relationship. She doesn't even know how. She must have no self esteem to lie and mess with your head and heart. I know how painful it is but save yourself and cut her loose and move on. It will hurt like heck I know but you must : )

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yeah its kinda crazy, after all we have been through, and now she is with my ex best mate..and seems to be going fast, they hardly even knew eachother.


havent seen her for 4month and not spoke to her in just over 2month..i do miss her a lot,


this is like her 5th boyf since she was 22 all long term and i was the longest..she eveb told me last xmas she wanted marrige n kids after our 1st split of 3 month,,and also in that split she slept with some one, she sed she realised that i was the one!!! and then 4 month down the line we split again...


i really do think she has issues

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