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Confused where I stand/What to do

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My story is quite long however it's in another post but to sum it up, back on Dec 20th my g/f broke up with me, said she never loved me, basically wrote this nasty e-mail to me about the reasons why she chose to do this. Over the next 2 months up to this point she said she took it back, she never fell out of love with me, she said those things to get me to "realize what a b---- she is" (her words) and that she made a mistake and wants to stay with me.


So while things are getting better in the sense that she wants to talk to me and tires to call me everyday, I feel like for me personally things are just getting worse if not staying the same. Reason's being, she get's so annoyed of me so fast and I don't know why. I swear ever since Dec. i've been nothing but nice to her and try to say sweet things to her everyday, but the minute i start asking questions like, what are you doing? What time are you out of school? etc. she gets so uptight and annoyed and doesn't want to talk to me. She claims she just has no patience for anyone and i rebuttal with, 'okay but shouldn't there be exceptions for people? I mean i'm your boyfriend of 6.5 years.. I'm just asking you questions..' On top of it all, I feel like she can't talk to me about anything. I try to talk her about this, why am i not an exception? "idk" Why do you get so annoyed of me? "idk" Why won't you do the things you use to for me? "idk" Basically what i'm getting at here is, i can't talk to her about her feelings or her emotions or why she does certain things because every freaking answer is "IDK"!!! It's driving me insane. I even told her that i feel like i can't even talk to you because you won't tell me anything and her response is "ok"... And I just think, seriously? You have nothing else to say but okay? And YOU feel like things are getting better?.. Not to mention the fact I know she doesn't want to see me for spring break. Her answer to me asking if i can go out there is that "yeeeeaaaaahh..." response, the uneasiness in her voice, if that makes sense.


I feel like i have to sacrifice my own happiness just to make her happy or it's that I just think that eventually she'll come around..

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