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Responding to an online dating profile


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Hi everyone,

Haven't posted here for a while but I missed all of you. You're really sweet people.


Anyway, when responding to a girl's online personal ad, it is typical to pick one of her interests or favorite books/movies and say something to the effect of "I liked that book too!" and make a comment about it.


Do you recommend picking one of the "rare" or "unusual" books/movies she mentioned, and writing about that? E.g. suppose her favorite movies are Titanic and The Unknown Independent Movie No One Watches. It seems to me that she probably gets 10,000 messages from people saying "OMG I loved Titanic too!" but probably very few mention The Unknown Independent Movie No One Watches. Maybe a response would stand out more if it mentioned that?


What do you think?

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I just started up again on link removed and I have to say, that most men don't take the time to pick out one specific thing about her profile to ask her about. They're lazy and usually send winks. Or if they do send an email, it's very generic like, "hi - i like your profile, I'd like to get to know you better, tell me more about yourself." If you took the time to read her profile and note that she likes the movie Titanic, I think that's great.

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Well, I'm not competing against the men who send winks or one-liners. Even if 5 men out of 1,000,000 send real thoughtul replies, I need to be better than those 5 guys in order to get a woman to write back otherwise she'll pick them. So what do you say, girls? Of five thoughtful replies, but four of them mention Titanic and one happens to like the same random, uncommon interest you do, would you be more likely to write back to the Titanic guys or the random, uncommon interest guy?


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its good to write something thoughtful, that's the way to go. I don't respond to " " or "what up" or "hi" or "hey sexy" or something dumb like that.


If you write something thoughful it will boost your odds of getting a response. However, if a man writes me 3 paragraphs and spent an hour writing that first message to me it won't mean I'll always respond back. He needs to also be attractive in my eyes and we need to have things in common.


As for your actual question, it might be better to ask about that never-heard-of movie, but I don't think it matters too much. As long as you read her profile and are asking a real question about it, then it should be fine.

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