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need to figure out what I should do here!! or do i do nothing?


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hey everyone.


sooo didn't mean to end up on the internet but i am confused of what to do. there is this girl that i like let's call her A and I've liked her pretty much ever since we met. However circumstances were never right, I was always with someone or she was not in the country or something like that. Different schedules and slightly different circles of friends, we were always friendly but never quite vibing all the way.


however things have changed recently, well i feel they started to change before she went away (she has citizenship in another country) for the last time. we had been hanging out, mostly in groups, sometimes by ourselves and once to have a realllyyy long conversation about life and love and everything. so the night before she left we were all out drinking (yes -- i know--) and she started saying all this stuff, holding onto my arm and saying she's never met anyone like me before, she could see us travelling together (??) etc. When all the other people in the group asked what's going on with us she just shot them looks. even though later on my friend pulled me aside specifically to say "what happened between you two?" but the answer was I DON'T KNOW! she was really drinking far too much for me to try anything in good conscience.


okay so she goes away for a few months. during this time we start e-mailing personally and she calls me from France, random times though not all the time or anything. maybe every couple - few weeks. i Would have called her but she had no back-and-forth service. she is a very helpful person that i love to talk to, tho i couldn't always speak when she called me becuz of work. so ANYWAY soon i heard from friends she will be back!


well since she has been back we have spent a lot of time together, mostly because we have mutual friends though. like I will join everyone out at a party at night, and she came over and said "I'm just really happy you are here." But we don't talk all night or anything but when we do it is very flirty and she whispers things in my ear and I am holding her waist. The next week she texts me to ask what time this show I'm DJ-ing starts. So I tell her and before I know it she brings up Valentine's Day via text (random!??!) but didn't take it any further. Then the night she comes to my show we all go out after, drinking again, and she is talking about this date she had that was Bad. She then asks me "who I am dating," etc, i have a couple stories for her. When I say "I don't feel like going home" she says "You can come home with me, my bed is big" (!!!!). But we don't end up doing this because of being drunk and our other friends just took us with them to have over. But trust me I really wanted to do this in a way, not even for sEx but just to be close to her. (Yeah, this crush is that stupid)


But then the next day we wake up at our friends and I was starting to put my shoes on but she says "you have to leave? don't go" so I stay and like 3 of us hang out all day. But then me and her are heading home on trains, and instead of going home she says "Can i come with you, I want to keep talking?" so i said yes of course!! She said she was hungry but I offered to make her dinner. So Then we went back to my house and she showed me her writing and we looked at some things online, before deciding she had to go. After she left she texted me to say she "hoped she didn't terrorize my roommate," which was random, as obviously even tho my roommate came home he didn't really care!


Anyway since then and even before then, for a while, I have always been stuck on her. I texted her tonite and said she was meeting up with someone but we shoud do (x) group activity next week. My only question is, does she like me at all, or is just staying friendly? i do actually care about her and want her to know all that stuff she said has been acknowledged. but again if she was drunk will she even remember / is it worth it!??! thanks!

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I think she gave you lots of opportunities of asking her out or letting her know how you feel. She gave you hints and it sounds like you didn't go for it.

If you don't move fast, she might think you're not interested. Just tell her how you feel and see what she responds. She wouldn't be all flirty and ask to hang out if she didn't like at least to be around you.


Just do it already!

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