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I'm looking for...


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...a devout evangelical Christian Greek woman between 24 and 28 years old who is intellectual and well-read (plus if she has a graduate/professional education).


How do you find that? Or anything as specific as that?


I've looked on all kinds of dating websites - Christian websites and ethnic websites and professionals websites and nothing I see clicks as a "match." And it's not about the appearance, because there were plenty that I found physically attractive, but what they had to say was rather dull or off-putting.

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How do you find that? Or anything as specific as that?


Maybe the answer is, "You don't."


Despite what dating sites might like us to believe, we can't just order up people to match whatever specs we think we want. Certainly it makes sense to look in places where someone with that background and those interests is likely to be, but at the same time realize that you may bump into someone who meets, say, 80 or 90% of your criteria rather than 100%.


A couple other thoughts to ponder/observations:


Sometimes, having too many requirements or requirements that are too specific are a clever way to keep ourselves out of a relationship while letting us (and the rest of the world) believe we want a relationship.


Who we think would be a good relationship partner for us...and who actually would be a good partner for us....aren't always the same.


Just a couple things I have noticed over the years that have applied to myself and to a number of other people. YMMV.

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