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Fight for him/her , Try try!


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I'm a 29 year old that went back to school and ended up falling for a guy that is much younger, hes 23. Too me the age difference wasnt big because he's mature and indpendent. I happen to be middle eastern while he is white, that was another major difference, the last big difference is that I come from a very controlling family, every single decision requires approval from family etc.



The guy I was with hes amazing, intelligent, scacastic and the kindest soul. Towards the end I feel like the only way we could be together was if he made major changes. He was nice enough to conisder but I could tell that made him so awkward, considering we were together 4 months, knew each other for about yea. It was too early for him to even think about all these changes.



Morale of the story, sometimes every single odd stacks agianst you and there is no hope but if you have any chance fight for it. I wish If I was indpendent from my culture I would be with him but I can't, so if you are having problems fight, just fight to hang on. I wish I could be with him,. he is the man of my dreams, I envy the girl who will be with him.



Fight for your love, what I would give to be with my love.

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You can't really make someone change their religion to be with you twinkle. I am actually also muslim, and i found that its easier to just meet someone who is in your religion because when religions gets in between it gets messy. Family gets involved and such. My ex actually tried to convert me to be christian to be with her. I mean it wasnt a big deal to her, but she suggested and i refused.


So what im saying is, its either you be with him and keep religion completely out of it. Or you move on and find someone in your religion.

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