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Is this bad?


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So this woman i've been dating told me two different things today.


1. She told me "She feels like she is walking on egg shells with me"


2. She told me "She says that i smother her"


Basically we've been dating since november, she has spent the last 2 weeks with me at home. I know I may have a little seperation anxiety because everytime she says she is going to stay home tonight, I get nervous and feel like she is no longer interested. I know space is a good thing right? and seeing each other everyday isn't healthy for a relationship (she said so too). How do i get over this? Plus the whole smothering thing, how do i get over that? I mean, i hug her and kiss her and last night she felt like she always had to pay attention to me etc etc.


kind of lost.


Should I worry? those phrases seem bad. or am i just over analyzing this?

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Yes, space is a good thing.


What were your responses to her when she told you them two things?


It can't be good if she feels like she's walking on egg shells with you - but at the same time it's contradicting because she feels like that yet she is able to tell you about it. So how is that walking on egg shells.

The smothering, depends on what you mean by that, you mean physically somthering or emotional smothering?

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Yes this is bad and a warning to you that she doesn't like it.


Heed her warnings. This sounds like your problems not hers.


Has she given you any reason to think she isn't interested when she wants some time alone? Don't you want some time to just be alone or go do your own thing? Give her that space.


Walking on egg shells means she is always worried that she will say or do somethig to set you off. Do you react badly when things don't go your way or when you get freaked out because she wants to go or do something without you?


I can tell you this one thing: The thing you are most worried about (her leaving and not coming back) will happen for sure if you do not stop what you are doing. It isn't if it will happen, it is when.


Time to figure yourself out before you screw up a good thing here. You need to be asking yourself "WHY" Why do I feel and act the way I do. Trace it back to when you first felt this way and see what started you on this path. Get help through books or a therapist but do something.



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Some people like 24/7 togetherness and being very close. Some people do not like it at all. You are the former type and she is the latter. Either reach a compromise about this together or find a girl more like yourself. You aren't doing anything wrong, per se, it just isn't something she enjoys. Good luck and I hope you two work it out.

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Yes it's bad - "walking on eggshells and smothering" is NEVER a good thing. Ever. And yes, everyone needs some space to do their own thing. It makes for a healthy relationship (imo). I get the impression she feels overwhelmed (smothered) so it would be best that you back off. That said, I think the writing is on the wall for this relationship. Incompatible comes to mind.

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