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I have been NC for a few months now and really think im going to. I had no problem sticking to it before but i put the thought in my head that it'd be ok to do it and now i dont know if ill be able to get over it until i at least try. She has broken it a few times with a random text but i never responded. I wish she would text now so i could just respond. Anyways if i break it what is the best thing to say. throughout our relationship we were always studying together to go to med school and always talked about science type stuff i wanted to say something like "i miss our nerdy conversations Just to see her reaction. She lives right up the street from me now which is weird because our whole relationship was mainly long distance and now finally having the opportunity to see her anytime i want were not doing it lol.

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Don't do it!

It may be tempting now but you will regret it later.

Put it out of your mind.....you've been keeping it up for this long so why spoil it now?

If you bump into her in person, then it's all good because that you can't avoid, but initiating contact... that IS something that you have control over.


Just think about why you guys have broken up, why you wanted to go NC, how you maintained NC even when she texted you etc...


Take all that into account before you break it.

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I say do it. It will teach you a valuable lesson. One you probably will have wished you didnt learn.


Tranquillo is right, if you are still thinking about it this much you probably arent ready. Instead of contacting her for a friendly chat to catch up, you are trying to think of the best thing to say... to what end? what sort of response do you want? And on top of all that, Im going to give you pretty high odds that it wont go how you planned and will upset you.


At the end of the day, you are still set on doing it, so nothing we say he will probably dissuade you, just be prepared. And you know what, at the end of the day, you are right, you will never know unless you contact her. Even though its probably not a great idea.

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Well I know 100% she would respond but if she didnt i wouldnt care. Honestly I know we cant be together right now. Im about to move away for school and she lost feelings anyways. What i want to accomplish however is her to know if she contacts me she wont just be ignored and it may possibly lead to more times hanging out with more attached.

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If you break NC make sure you can live with the consequences of your actions. If things doesn't work out as planned you only have yourself to blame. I can say from my own experience with my ex. It doesn't bring you clarity. It only delays the healing even further.

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