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Am I right to be offended by this?


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For Valentines Day I bought my fiance an intimate present that is meant for our sex life. I told him I wanted to give it to him in private as it was intimate and for his eyes only.


He said he loved it and we will use it together this weekend.


When I next see him he tells me that his mates thought it was hilarious what I bought him. I was really upset! I haven't even told anyone what I bought for him because it was personal, intimate and basically nobody elses business!


I told him that I was hurt and he said he was sorry but honestly could not understand why I was so upset.


Is that just a man thing? I would never dream of having a big laugh about something he had bought me purely because I feel it would be disrespectful. We are in a loving and committed relationship and I could never laugh behind his back about that.


Am I just being over sensitive?!!

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I would tell him that you don't feel comfortable with him sharing details of your sex life with his friends. Likewise, you shouldn't tell your friends either about your sex life. See if you guys can agree on that.


As in, if he had troubles performing, would he feel comfortable with you telling your girlfriends about it?

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I agree with all the other posters, definitely not being over sensitive. It is quite an insensitive thing to do. You could explain to him why he it made you so uncomfortable. How would he feel if the table's were turned and he got you a gift which you showed your friend's who had a good laugh at his experience?

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Well I'm glad I'm not over reacting then!


I explained to him I was hurt because I thought he had realised that it was personal and intimate to us (I had asked him if we could be alone when he opened it for that reason) so I just felt disappointed when he told me he had shared this with his mates.


But he said he honestly wasn't thinking and that he is so sorry and that in future he will keep things like that private. And I believe him.


So I guess it all boils down to communication!


Thanks for the replies though guys.

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