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I am so sorry you have been hurt repeatedly. I know you deserve better. I do not think that giving up is the answer. Love is amazing. honestly, in your relationships - wasn't the good fantastic feeling? There is more of that great feeling out there!

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recently the guy told me that it was my fault .. i felt as though i had been pushed soo far away.. my worry is that when i finally meet the right one that i end up losing him because of trust issues.. I am a very sensitive person .. just the way I am . I am trying to ignore it but it will not leave my mind..

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It is okay to be sensitive. The trust issues I feel are something you need to address and not let them blossom into a cloud over your future.


What was your fault? You are the best you you can be. If you two did not get along happily ever after - there's no fault in that.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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