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How to Gain Trust From Your Girlfriend?


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Ok, to start off, I am a teenager so disregard anything that seems rather silly. Here we go...I broke it off with a girl in which I unfortunately dated for a year and nine months. I was ready to move on due to her inability to be faithful but was scared of being alone after being in a relationship for so long. About a month went by, and a girl who I've always seen myself dating (I guess you could say I had a crush on her) and I started talking. I eventually found out the feelings were mutual between me and the new girl. We had felt like this for over a year and had no idea about one another's feelings. After about three weeks of "talking," I decided it was time to ask her out. I was not going to date her without being certain that I was over the unfaithful one. I don't mean to brag, but I would definitely say this new girl got treated like royalty over the next month. We had been dating for a little over a month when she decided to tell me she loved me. I knew that was wayyyyyyyyy too early to be saying that and I wasn't quite ready myself...She acted as if that was okay with her so I thought she understood. After four days of miraculous depressed moods from her, she broke up with me by telling me that I was not yet over the other girl that I was already prepared to break up with in the first place because it had only been a month before we started dating. I have not brought her name up unless we were joking about her and that has not occurred recently. Does she feel like this because I never told her I loved her back? Should I have just went with it for the sake of her happiness?

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