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Conversation advice for AFTER the first several dates.


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Hello, I am a very personable person and can generate good conversation with strangers quite easily. I'm also really good at generating conversation on the first few dates.. I'm not very shy so that's not a problem for me.. The problem is, is that I've noticed when I'm dating a new girl for a few weeks, after the initial interview/small talk/getting to know you phase, I have a hard time thinking of things to keep conversation alive. The phase in dating at this point, is past the new but not quite to the totally comfortable stage.. which means.. at least to me.. that silence still feels a bit awkward. I do try to make conversation in context with things like a normal couple would but I find it to be a little bit of a struggle.. it feels forced and contrived. Does anyone else know where I'm coming from? Any advice/tips would be great, thank you.

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