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NC for 2 days lol, ex texted me on valentines day - advice asap please


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Not sure what to do here, I received a text "this is the worst day of my lfe"


It's valentines day, of course emotions are flaring. This was her decision, she knows how ready I am to make things work, she's just too hurt still and i'ts not worth it to her.


I really wan't to reply, but I don't want to cave. I feel if I don't I won't hear from her again, and if I do she will just use me.


My birthday is early March so I may hear from her again.

Anyways I'm going to the gym to keep this 8 pack, maybe I should text those 3 very attractive and MD status women who keep trying to get a hold of me.

FML, why do I love this one so much.



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Gotta love those passive-aggressive texts! What she wants is for you to answer back and ask her "what's wrong, baby?". She's fishing for attention. I would say that you should not answer at all, or answer with a simple "sorry you're having a bad day, I'm on my way to the gym". DO NOT ask her a question if you decide to text her back. That's what she wants - attention. Don't give it to her!


If you have other female prospects actively interested in you, then go for it and explore them!

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I'm in a very similar boat with you. Apart from the text I received just said "happy valentines x". My ex broke up with a week ago, and he knows how willing I am to make things work.


I've been told not to respond, and part of me doesn't want to respond as that would be "caving in", but I rather show I'm letting go & moving on with a quick "thanks, you too x", and be civil. It's not in my nature tol ignore someone, and although my ex may have ignored me this last week......I'm not gonna mirror his behaviour. i am my own person.


Good luck

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