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Messed up job application, what to do?

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I feel so awkward about this, I don't really want to tell my friends and ask them so I made an account here.


I applied for this amazing job with the government. I got all my documents together and mailed it off like the web site said. However, after I got home from mailing it I noticed I forgot a page of the application!!!!! The first page, that has info like DOB and address on it. I wasn't altogether sure if I needed to send that part cuz it had instructions on it and seemed like a paper for your own benefit. But, my application status has not changed!! It still says I need to mail in my supporting documents so it looks like I was supposed to send it after all. (They do have access to this page, but they wanted 4 copies of the application form).


I tried calling and emailing the person in charge but got no answer. I don't know if they're on holiday or something because previously they were really fast at answering. I just feel so so stupid and find it hard to get over. I know I can do the job but I was so nervous about applying I didn't think properly. Now I am at a loss of what to do. Should I keep trying to call? Should I mail the missing papers? Should I include a letter explaining the mistake? Or print off the whole application and send it again? I want to make it easy for them.


I just can't get over it. Its a great seeming job, well paid, I get to further my education but I just feel so stupid that I am embarrassed to call but I still hope I have a chance to get hired. The deadline is Feb 29 so I'm running out of time....


Any advice?


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Wait, so I should just send my application form over again? Or include all my other documents that I included the first time ? (They wanted a copy of my transcripts, which would take about a week to get).


I hope other people made this mistake...and that they understand, haha.


I would do this. Submit everything that you should have submitted already, including your transcripts. I know it is costly and will add time, but it is the only way you can be assured that they get everything needed. I would not want to hope that they would be able to associate that one missing piece with everything that you have already sent. Good luck with getting the job.

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