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Confused about girl at work!


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So I have been working in a local shop for about a year. I work with a girl who I am really friendly with. Lately though I have been starting to have stronger feelings.


Just before I started working there she just broke up with her boyfriend. She told me this a few weeks later once we got to know each other. We always have a laugh together when we are both on shift. When we are working and I look up and she is looking at me we both give a smile at each other and sometimes wave. If I am stretching for something she will give me a little push so I lose my balance and we then have a laugh about it. She tells me about other guys hitting on her and in particular one she really doesn't like. She always tells me I am funny or that I am cute. And has told her sister about us getting on really well.


The other night I offered to buy her a sweet (after offering to buy my boss one so it didnt look too obvious), however, she refused and said I was like on of the guys who tries to chat her up. but then a bit later she said instead of a sweet I could buy her a single rose (she might have been joking), which we have for valentines day, but I said I would buy her one on valentines day (which is today). I dont know if i should buy her one or not.


I am unsure on how to approach this whole situation. I would really like to see where we stand, but I dont want to make work awkward for the both of us. What should I do?

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She sounds keen from the description. Try something light hearted or fun today. Sounds from the way you speak that you guys like to joke around so maybe a light hearted gift, an ediable rose (if such a thing exists?) since you wanted to give her candy and she wanted a rose.


If you don't want to give her the rose or a gift. Just keep plugging away and try to pick up on her signs. Look out for eye contact, smiling, laughing at jokes, just getting along well together and when speaking if she listens looks interested.


It sounds good though from your post. All the best with her.

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It's normally a bad sign when girls talk about other guys with you. I think helps you into the friend zone. I don't know all the specifics, so I can't judge. If shes playfully touching you, then your gold. But if she's not you should play a little detached for a while so she thinks she is losing you. Let her initiate with you. Then see what happens.

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