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I think I need to chill out but unsure about this girl HELP


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So I met this girl at one of my gigs 4 weeks ago, through a friend. We all went out after the gig late into the morning and me and her hit it off from the word go. Laughing and chatting all night eventually dancing and kissing. Her leaving me with a hug and kiss on the lips with a smile on her face.


Few days later I texted her and since then we have been texting back and forth each day nearly. I asked her out eventually to go for a meal and she said she would love to. So I booked a table and kept it a surprise which excited her alot, sadly the week came and she had a dance audition so we canceled to move it for another time(part of my decision as well hers), next time came and she ended up spraining her ankle in dance so we had to cancel again. She felt really bad that we had to cancel again and almost begged me if I could arrange it for another time. So 2 weeks went by and we both been busy lately with work but we both understood. Still texting each other and chatting still as much as we have ever.

Ive seen her once since the gig and she was happy to see me just on a night out for a few minutes before I went home.


She text me last week saying she would love to go out this week as she had a bit more free time. so I text her sunday to see if she knew which day would be best for her (I get busy quite quickly and the restaurant im booking at isnt a small one so it goes fast) the last text I got from her was on sunday before I sent mine asking about a evening etc, and that text seemed like she is still interested in me. Playful, flirty and fun as they all have been. but so far I havnt had a reply of my last text and ino shes not at uni this week so I cant understand why still a day later she hasnt replied yet she has had time to put up facebook status's :S.


I think I may be getting attached to talking to her and need to just chill the * * * * out hahaha as she still seems interested in me by her texts like I said, but im reacting weirdly to not getting a response. probably because I like to plan my week before im too busy and stick by my word and get things cleared up alot of the time. She may just be busy with friends enjoying her time off uni who knows but, I think im gonna start taking it slowly with the texting this week and maybe call her later on this week about meeting up. take a different approach and switch things up a bit. Any advise would be great, as I do think im overreacting alot about this right now considering its only a day. get a grip boy haha


Someone put my head straight!!

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ok ill ring her later today guys, thanks for the help. I read the last text she sent again just now, and thought id look at it to see if there was any hint of "please just leave it be" but considering how long it is, asking "how are youuuuuuu and her generally being fun. There is nothing that says it to me, im pretty sure any girl with no interest would of not asked me how i am or tried to make some sort of convo haha! Thanks again ill call her today and let you know how it goes

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