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What is the chance of my girlfriend getting pregnant from this?


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Me and my girlfriend were messing around last night when she came over. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. While we were fooling around I rubbed my penis against her vagina but I didn't have my boxers on but she had her panties on. I got excited and pre-*** against her panties. I never actually had sex with her. Just rubbed against her. Last night after I took her home she called me about a hour later and told me her stomach started hurting and was worried she had gotten pregnant from this. Today at school her stomach continued to hurt her throughout the day. I was wondering what the chances of her being pregnant are and how long it could take to find out if she is pregnant or not. Me and her are both extremely worried about this. Please reply as fast as possible.

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Her stomach hurting the day after doesn't mean she's pregnant.


But yes, although very very slim, there's a possibility since the precum and it making contact with her genitals and so forth.


You need to go get Plan B for her, a pill that you take afterward if you had sex without protection. But it must be used within 72 hours and the effectiveness goes down the later you take it.


As for how soon you can find out if she's pregnant, I don't know. Google it.

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If she never had skin-to-skin contact with you, she's not pregnant. Sperm can't travel through fabric into her vagina.


Her stomach probably hurt because she was stressing over this.


When is her period due? I think if you are THAT worried, splurge on Plan B. But if you can't handle the cost, don't bother and wait until her period comes. I would probably bet money that she's not pregnant.

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I'm not sure where you live, but there is a flu going around. You don't get a stomach ache within a day if you get her knocked up.


However, there can be active sperm in precum. Clothing does not serve a protective barrier against it and it's still considered making contact. The chances of her getting pregnant are slim though. Please next time... keep it away from her area unless you are wearing protection.

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