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How to move on from a love not lost...


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So me and my girlfriend dated for 2 plus years happiest of my life, and hers honestly. Never any problems, i always did what i could to make her happy, no matter what. We honestly never had a fight, and we were both very upfront with each other.

Sadly we dated in high school, and now we are freshman in college, she left to go to school accross the country, Massechussets and im in oregon. We talked before she left in august about us trying to move on and not have feelings because we will be so far away. ANd she plans on going to school there for at least 4 years. She came back during winter break, and everything was pretty normal, at first it was just like we were friends, but that was only an hour, and she was drunk, but wanted to hang out, and we ended up having sex ect, so obviously we weren't over eachother. We hung out the whole month she was back and it was just like the time we were dating, amazing and sooo happy.

Now she is back accross the country and we talked more before she left and tried to make a plan to not talk and move on, because what else could we do? I'm just so deeply in love still, and i don't know how to stop it. Im happy most of the time, i just feel like i'm missing half of me, and i can't do anything about it. She says she doesn't want guys there, but has many friends, including some guys.


So how do i move on? i've started working out, and i have a job also and go to school. I just don't actually want to stop my feelings, she makes me happier than anything in the world, and even at my lowest low all i want to do is help her be happy. I know she still has at least some feelings for me, because we aren't saying i love you, but she says that she wants to say that thing we aren't aloud to say.


I guess i just neglect my feelings all the time and push them away because i never have dealt with them,But what can i do?

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I think there isn't much you can do because the time and distance that you guys will be apart is so great. As more time passes, each of you will become more accustomed to life without the other, and that's why I think trying to be together with her right now is not a good idea.


My advice would be to just live. Let time pass, at first it'll be hard but keep on living your life and doing what you need to do like study, work maybe, hang out with your friends, sports/lift and so on.

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