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Odd situation, genuinely baffled


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So i met this girl over christmas break abroad. We hung out with a group of mutual friends and hit it off. one of our mutual friends a couple times that night pulled me aside and said hey she's really into you! so we get back to the states and she writes on my facebook, unfortunately i didnt get her number when we met the first time so i had to ask her for it on fb, whatever.


Several days later i am in town, shes from houston im from louisiana, and we go out with another group of mutual friends, we talk, dance, flirt, we have another great time, and of course the same mutual friend told me how this girl seemed really interested in me and that i should take her out to dinner


A week goes by and we text here and there but she doesn't seem like much of a texter, she's very busy with work, shes a wedding planner, so i figured what the hell no biggie. i happened to be in town roughly a week later and called her and asked her out to dinner. she had a schedule conflict at first and proposed drinks afterward, the conflict ended up being canceled, so we met up after work for dinner. we end up staying for 3 hours, conversation flowed freely, laughing, touching, flirting, all the good stuff. we end up leaving and i walked her to her car and we ended up hugging and say goodnight.


several days pass and no texts or anything from her, which understand because she absolutely loves her job and is fairly busy alot. so i decide to try and call her on a sunday night roughly 5 days after our date, i call and there's no answer, o i leave a message.


it's been a week now since i tried to call her and she still hasn't gotten back to me. we textd a few times a couple days ago but i initiated and it didnt last for long.


I'm really confused as to what to do next, there is genuine attraction and know i havent done anything to drive her away, any suggestions??

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yeah i was thinking about that, but i am always in and out of houston, and will be transfered there soon, and she is well aware of this.



Doesn't hurt to text/call her and set up a date. By date, I meant a date, time, and location. Let her know if she interested going on a date with you so you can know her better and see a different side of her.


Waiting game is never fun. TRUST ME.

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