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Having one of those days...

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I've been doing pretty good the last couple days... BUt today, I just can NOT stop thinking about her... I keep teling myself, I will not call. I will not Text.. She's the one who hurt me and I fell like I want to apologize to start talking to her again.. I will not contact her.. I keep telling myself that..



Tomorrow is a new day

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I feel the same way. I've been doing well the past week or so for the most part. Even started seeing someone new. But unfortunately, all it has done is left me longing for our old relationship. I miss the familiarity and comfort. Somehow it's all I focus on now. I do have a really bad urge to contact him, despite blocking him on FB. My mind tricks me sometimes, it tells me to just call, that he'll be on the other end waiting for me. But I have to tell myself it's not the way it is anymore.


I thought by now I would be better.

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"The one who would leave you is NOT the one for you, never was. YOURS will not leave you. Yours will not turn away in disgust. Yours will not let you go so someone else can have you. THIS one was not the one. TRUST that. BELIEVE that. OWN that."


-- Spoken by fellow ENA'er rapunzel



Love the quote Old Soul...

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