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The best way to let a women down?

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This forum was awesome for when I was going through my break up, ironically this time last year!! Thinking of a bit of a dilemma have, and remembered this site! I've met an awesome girl, falling for her and I'm hoping and think that the feeling is mutual.


2 questions which I would like some opinions on -


I have dates arranged with other girls, do I meet these still? Ultimately though I think my mind is made up and I know the answer to that question! This leads me onto...


IfI do decide to put all my eggs in one basket - how do I let the other girls I have been chatting to down, I don't want to just ignore there messages! I was thinking of telling them straight, but I guess there is no right way to do it, I don't want to come accross as patronising or taking the morale high ground.



Any constructive advice would be appreciated!





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1. Don't put all your eggs in one basket yet.

2. Keep hanging out with other girls but don't spend too much of time with them. Give highest priority to the girl whom you want to be your GF. It may sound selfish/rude, but let others be options. But be nice with during your interactions.

3. If you decide to become exclusive with one of the girls you are dating then don't disappear from others lives. Instead tell them politely that you can't date them in near future.


Good luck!

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The best thing is to be honest... that you've met someone else and think you want to give that relationship a chance rather than pursuing other people.


I think it is better to be honest because they won't wonder so much if they did something wrong if they know you've just found someone else you think you want to go with.


If you haven't even been on any dates with them yet, then it is very easy to cancel and no big deal since you never started up with them. But do it soon and not right before you were supposed to go out with them... the sooner the better if you've made up your mind about it.

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Well first of all if you aren't 100% sure you want to pursue this woman exclusively, then maybe you should give it a little more time. It doesn't make you a jerk to be dating more than one woman at a time as long as you are honest about it.


If you do think you want to see this woman exclusively, then I would say keep the dates with the other women but only so that you can tell them face to face. Just say that you enjoyed meeting and spending time with them but that you have met someone that you really connect with and you want to take it further. I think most women will respect your honesty and the fact that you took the time to let them know face to face.

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