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Super attracted to her... how to approach a girl at Church.


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So today I am at church, by myself and I just sat down. I looked over to my left and this girl is staring right at me.... I looked at her but before I could smile she turned away. Through out the service I would look over at her and everyone once it awhile I would catch her looking over at me for a quick second. She is absolutely beautiful, at least she is my type of realistic beauty, I can see myself dating her type.


The hard part is how do you approach or suggest approaching a girl at church? It looked like she was there with her dad which is a good sign my being single... he age is a little scary but I am pretty sure mid 20's, I am hoping at least.


I am confident in myself and can usually talk to a girl fairly easy, however we aren't at a bar or social get together. I have seen her before but don't know a name or anything. I am not at church to meet girls but it so happens I am attracted to her.



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You need information. The more information you have about her, the better you can proceed.

If you have been a member of the church for awhile, you may be able to inquire more about her. The pastor of the church may be the best person to ask. If you have good intensions, you would be surpirsed how much people are willing to help another person in need....lol. You may consider a direct approach and talk to her after services. Confidence is a huge attraction for a woman....(From what I understand.)

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Thanks for the replies.


Our church is very large, I have been attending there for 7 years and to be honest I don't many people. I mean I know a few first names and say hi but no real connections with anyone but my family. So if I was more involved in the church I would ask around. Again our church is decent size and we run too morning services, I think I have seen her in both services because I attend both depending on that weekend. Also my intentions are good, I am looking for a good girl not a hook up.

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