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I'm confused and sad...


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Well it's been like a week since NC, with my ex bf who has broken up with me 4 months ago. Two weeks ago he came fours hours south to come see ME. We had fun but I started pouted when he had to leave, because I know it would lead to this. No phone call, no messages, no nothing unless I initiated it. Ive decided to leave him alone and give him the space FOR GOOD. Im doing pretty good at not contacting him, and havent been tempted to yet. The longest Ive gone with NC was a week, so I hope that I can master this. Although, sometimes it hits me and I miss him alot. He told me ehe would always love and care about me, but it was wrong timing (dating). If anyone reads this please encourage me, I just need a boost to keep moving on without him before I take a step back and go back to the same old me, which will probably push him away even further

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1TAKENi, I feel for you as I am also not coping well with NC and missing him terribly and hate me defending his decision all the time. my friends tell me may be he never loved me.. we were together for 3 years - how could he do this me? it is normal you feel this I feel the same and really coming here in this site helps alot.

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Taken, NC is very hard at the start, but it does get better and much easier.

NC is like kicking a drug habit. For the first while, it is like going into withdrawal. It is very hard to not give in, and very painful emotionally. But once some time has passed, it becomes easier and the hurt starts to fade.

Keep going, Taken. If you ever feel the need to break NC, post here instead, and we'll give you all the support you need

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