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Hi all, I knw this guy from past 3 years and we were very good friends, we both were in a relationship at tht time and used to talk a lot about our partners..I broke up( it was a healthy breakup).. also I knew that he was nt happy in his 6 yrs long relationship... we realized that we both have the compatibility that we were looking in our partners so now knowing the fact that he still is in a relationship I asked him out and told him tht I will give him time to come out of his affair. he loves me very much so do I.

Now he is trying to end his 6 yrs long affair but its nt easy fr him as well, and in-spite of the fact that I already knew this will happen now I get jealous whenever he is with her... this thing is killing me inside... I trust him but this insecurity is not getting out of my head...


WHT DO I DO??????????

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Breaking up and Change in general is hard. I can understand the goofiness in your head. I absolutely relate. The question is Why is it so hard for him to end his unhealthy relationship so he can be in the happy one with you? Have you had a conversation directly about this?

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breakin up is harder than it seems and the longer you have been with someone the harder it is and the more people it affects i honestly think thats why i have broken up yet ....i love her n her 2 kids to death and my family does as well n they are very attatched to them but her mother is a big issue and she has medical issues and both her an dher oldest son are bipolar and make it very difficult at times she is also depressive and we both work in emergency services which can be very stressful n we both have been very down and stressed out n the spark was almost gone n i met someone at work and we clicked very well together and had a blast at work she was going threw a bad time with her boy friend and me having my own issues we had so much fun it was stress free and full of happiness we both didnt want work to end but i keep thinking of how the kids have already had one dad walk out on them n how crushed my family would b and before we were even together we were really good friends n i known she would emotionaly collapse and as unhappy as i may become i almost feel as im obligated to stay with her we are due to be married in 5 months n am so confused as well

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