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amazing weekend. he brang up getting engaged?


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i spent an amazing weekend with my boyfriend. it was fun, flirty and very exciting..


after telling him how unhappy i was.. he apologized and has been different. over the weeken he was treating me like a princess.. it was like we reconnected, it was amazing.


last night we were talking how we were once engaged. he said that he keeps the ring on his bed side table, he said he likes having it close to him as it reminds him of me... i asked if i might be able to keep it so i could keep the memory. he said no because he wants to give it back to me when he proposes..


i don't know if im thinking about this too much but he was so romantic and sweet. he kept telling me how i beautiful i am and how lucky he is to have me. he is taking me to dinner on valentines day and wants spend the weekend with me again this week.


i am really happy. after telling him how i have been feeling, he has been so different. in a good way =D

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