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Is she cheating or just loosing interest?


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I'll keep this in general but I've recently come to suspect my GF might be seeing someone else. We haven't hung out very much in the last two weeks because she is sick. Two weeks ago she genuinely was but I'm not so sure any more. The last time we hung out was five days ago, she said she still felt a little ill but she looked fine to me. She was even dressed in street clothes when she told me she just layed in bed all day. During these last two weeks she has become very reserved, if I don't start texting her its almost as if we won't talk that day at all. What she replies with is always short and vague.


Today we texted a little bit in the early afternoon. Suddenly at around 5:30pm she sent me text saying she still wasn't feeling better yet. I thought this was a little weird because we were never talking about her being sick or us maybe hanging out before that text, we hadn't even texted anything in the previous four hours.

She gets off work at six so I simply said "ok" and hoped her to feel better. So at about 6:30 I drove through her parking lot and found her car was there and right next to it was another car that I've never seen in that parking lot before, other than that the next six spaces on either side was free of any other cars. I then drove home to go study, 6:45 she randomly texted me again saying she was going to go to bed early and hopefully feel better. I gave just a short concise, "sleep good, hope you feel better". About ten minutes later she texted back asking if I was ok. She's never asked me that before. She's actually been distant the past two weeks which was completely out of character for how we've been the past year. For the next fifteen minutes she was texting as if nothing was wrong, making jokes even, something she hadn't done in two weeks.


I don't know, sorry for the ramble. I mean it's nothing conclusive, maybe that new car was just a coincidence. Maybe she is sincerely sick and that's why she's been distant. Maybe everything is just fine. I just want an outside thought on this.


Oh yeah, she cut her hair recently too. She's also started painting her nails, something she hasn't done the whole year and a half we've been together. Two weeks ago they were purple, when I saw her that last day that she said she just laid in bed all day they were silver.

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I'd just ask her if everything is OK between you two. You've been dating for 1.5 years, so you shouldn't have to worry about asking that question. Also, do you have any other reasons to think she is cheating? I.e. does she have a history of cheating on guys?


As for her nails, if she has actually been sick and bed-ridden then it's quite possible she was killing time by painting her nails.

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I would check out this article by our good friends at AskMen: link removed. I agree with their assessment and based on what you've said it seems she exhibits two possibly three traits. You should read it and determine based on your full knowledge what if any of those apply. Honestly I agree with with the WizardofOz (epic name btw) and just ask her. The WORST thing anyone can do in a relationship is ASSUME. My long lasting relationships have lasted because if I don't know something I ASK. Women will respect it and they hate people who just assume. Good luck, maybe let us know how it turns out! Good luck and God speed!

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Thanks to everyone, this forum has proved far more helpful than I had originally thought it would be. Ilona Crow, when she first started getting sick I stopped by her place to make her soup, bring her any cravings or meds she needed. I even gave her a massage on a couple occasions. Then suddenly she seemed to want to avoid any kind of interaction with me as much as possible, as if someone flipped a light switch.


I'll try and talk about it, I generally feel like the nice guy, I treat her very well and always make myself available for her. I'll do my best not to assume, I think that's great advice; it's definitely caused my relationships harm in the past.

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