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my bestfriends


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i had 2 bestfriends whom i love more than me.i love them more that i cannot express via words..but am so sad that they have gone away from me.one is a girl,whom i shared my 7th and 8th.i loved her somuch than a lover.she too loved my company,since then we studied in different schools we contacted daily.in 10th,i had another friend,a nice boy,looked like a baby.his mind was so sensitive,and was innocent.he was the only child of his parents.i liked to play and tease him.we became friends.my friends started to make fun of us.when i was in 11,i talked him very little because of our friends.in 12 his friends told me he has love with me.i was shoked,but seems to be like past.then i didnt talk to him for a month.but then i couldnot concentrate on my studies,so i talked to him.we became friends again.i asked to him i need a brother like him.he said that he was concidering me like his sister,i was overjoyed to hear this.i started messaging him daily,loving and caring him.he also loved me a lot.i liked his possesiveness on me,and his great care.we decided to join in same clg.i prayed to god to get him admission,he was also wishing that.we were always together in clg,we used to have sillyfights,but loves a lot.oneday he lied to me,he said that there was a story in net about a dating between us.i was terribly shoked,because i didnt even thought of it.he acted infront of me lyk crying due to this happening,he said he eat nothing,i was too sad.i also cried a lot.for a proof i said to show him the story,he gave me it in a pendrive,in that my picture was there.after reading that badstory,i was shivering.i informed my parents,they put a complaint to police,to look on it.but then he said it was a false incident,he was lying to me.i cant tolerate that..my parents became very sad,they said me to avoid his friendship.for 2 months i didnt talked to him.but i felt alone then.there was no one to share my joys and pains,my girlfriend also neglected me,when i am sharing my pains.i said her i cant get angry with him,she became very angry.i feel am losing myself.i used to cry the whole nighthaving none to share my pains.he begged me forgiving me.i asked my parents whether i can talk to him,they agreed.but now am alone....can u tell the reason why he had done this to me?

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