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one of my coworkers told me she used to cry and cry over her ex and "mourned" the relationship loss for 3 months. She said it took her 3 months to realize she really didn't do anything wrong with exception to a fight where hurtful words were exchanged. But she forgave herself for that and decided to begin working out, eating whole foods, and she bought a meditation DVD. In a matter of 4 months, she went from a size 16....to a size 8. And in those 4 months, she realized she was over her ex.


Well, when she was a size 8, almost size 6.....she bumped into her ex at the grocery store. She noticed that he was subtly checking her out, but he didn't know it was her! When he realized it was her, he started talking to her, hugging her, etc, like nothing ever happened less than a year ago. She said the look on his face when she told him that she was seeing someone was PRICELESS. That he likely never imagined she would move on because he knew that she loved him sooooo much.


She told him that it took her a long time to get over him, that she cried all the time, etc. He said he did, too. That at first he hated her guts and was glad she was gone. But after 3 months, he began to miss her like crazy. He had regrets, but his pride prevented him from calling her. And that he went on a few dates, but he always thought of her and made comparisons. And his daughter used to ask about her all the time. And anytime he looked in his closet, he saw the shirts/clothes she bought for him or was reminded of her in some way.


So see there, guys do miss their ex at some point! This story made me happy to hear. I want him to miss me. I want him to realize how damn good I was to him and his 2 boys. I want him to realize that finding someone similar to me is going to be near impossible and that he messed up. Why do I want this? I have no idea. Lol.

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true. and to give myself credit, I am in a much happier place than where I was even just 2 weeks ago, but it still stings.


What helps me, as immature as it sounds: In my heart, I don't think many woman will take on a man who has 2 little kids by 2 different women. It takes a strong person to commit to someone like that, especially if she doesn't have children of her own.


I am doing good. I'm single, but in the process of buying my first house. It's a huge house - 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Life is exciting and I will grow old living in my dream house - by myself or with my own family someday. Meanwhile, he is stuck in a small cracker jack box of a house (600 sqft total), with 2 growing boys and 3 large dogs. who would enjoy living that life? Not many woman. And I can see depression hitting him evebtually. Living like that.....simply sux ( been there and done that in my own life).

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