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Can a 27 year old get a tubal litigation?


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Well I'm wondering because my aunt and uncle wanted my cousin to get an abortion and tubal litigation. She has a boyfriend who's abusive beats her up and is being charged with sexual assault of a child. They have a child together he might as well live with us because they leave him all the time. She's trying to move in back with family. She was 17 weeks pregnant. She actually said she wanted to keep it but about now she's acting as though they have her life in their hands. I think everyone's agreed abortion was a good idea. She does drugs and has no job lives off the government. Anyway,I thought you had to be 30 to get one. Can one in their 20's get one isn't that impossible? Is she likely to just get pregnant sometime later?

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Well I can't imagine a responsible doctor doing a tubal on someone who is being pressured by a family member. When someone is so young like that a lot of doctors refuse to perform that operation because it's likely they will change their mind later about children. If your cousin was set on in (of her own free will) they might want her to go through some counseling first and really be sure about her choice. If she's doing drugs I doubt she is in a good place to make such a life changing decision.


An abortion is the same deal. If she's not making that choice of her own free will a responsible doctor would not do it. Depending on your location - the law may even prohibit it.

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I think the tubal is a bad idea if she is being persuaded. I mean... what if she changes her life around? It's rare but not unheard of. If she ditched the dude, saw the light, got a job and quit drugs... heck... what if she cleans up and wants a kid 10 years from now??


Tubal is overkill. Get her the birth control shot if she's not responsible enough to take the pill. Or an IUD or something. Tubal is permanent. There are other options that accomplish the same goal.


... and where I am, at 17 weeks, abortion is illegal.


EDIT: Actually, I just looked it up - I stand corrected. Abortion after 16 weeks is extremely hard to get but not actually illegal.

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if I knew where you were I could find a clinic that does it if you're in america many go up to 24 weeks.


she had bc but she has a child already and she's not cleaning up for him.


Anyway I'm not in control of this this just what my aunt and uncle with which I happen to live with for now...


I was just wondering if it was possible...

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