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I didn't get paranoid!! Result!


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Hey everyone!! So my long term boyfriend called me this morning early... when I answered it was obvious he didn't mean to call me as I could hear him talking to a woman in the background, i could hear them giving out about the traffic. He copped about thirty seconds later that he was connected to me and said Hi .. sh1t sorry did you call me or did I call you? I then said you called me, whats going on? He said that he had just picked up a colleague of his to give her a ride into work as she had left her car into the garage. He then mentioned her name and I have met this girl before.


A few years, even months ago I would have been crazy with paranoia, but I didn;t think the worst straight away, I'm quite proud of myself. We spoke tonight and he said he was worried all day that I was thinking he was cheating and also that his colleague was giving him slack all day for having to explain himself to me on the phone this morning as to who she was etc.


No real questions here, just wanted to post up here to acknowledge how much I have come on. It was a good day. Thanks

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