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Says I mean something to him but only wants me to come over at 1 am?!


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My hookup for the last year (no I haven't slept around, just wanted to be single) suddenly got emotional and decided to tell me that I mean something to him, yet he still only asks me to come over at 1 am! What the...? Why even bother saying that? This is getting too confusing.


Booty call.


Then you're a female you might.

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If he wanted to be in a relationship with you he would make that very clear because he wouldn't want to risk you being snapped up by other guys. Maybe he does have feelings for you but not strong enough to want to be involved with you beyond a sexual arrangement. If that's ok with you then keep seeing him.

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tell him your quite happy to see him again but only if he comes round to YOURS at half 2 in the morning. If he says yes then keep him, whether it is about sex or not (probably) at least you know he appreciates it!...


Perfect response. I'm loving it. I started seeing a guy once and thought it weird that I was the one who always had to make the two hour train trip to his place to spend time together. When i brought it up and asked him if he could sometimes put in the effort to come to me I was rather eloquently told 'No one is holding a gun to your head' needless to say that was the last conversation I ever had with him

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