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No how bad your life gets or how bad you feel towards it...


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There are people, far worse off than you. Me for example...


I'm a 26 year old male, who lives in my father's basement. My drivers license is suspended in another state, and has been for more than a couple years.


I have absolutely no friends, other than people online.. who don't really know me for "me".


I was a severe drug addict from my very early teens to my early 20s, that has basically destroyed my teeth to the extent that it's nearly impossible to brush them, so I have to deal with exceedingly large quantities of pain on a nearly daily basis.


I have a $12 an hour construction job (Had an $8 an hour job, for the same guy.. but he boosted me up a level so I'd come back to work with him), but I only clock an average of 30 hours a week, for the two weeks I've been back to work.


My parents were drug addicts during my mothers pregnancy, so I was born prematurely, so I'm extremely skinny with a large, weird shaped head (True story, lol). I have very light skin and a large quantity of skin defects on my face, including moles. I broke my nose when I was a Freshmen in high-school when I got in a fight with 3 other guys, and it healed wrong and manged to increase in size, so I have constant allergy and sinus problems.


Looking "weird" and having atrocious oral health has made me extremely anti-social.


I could continue explaining my life for hours... but it could be worse.. Life is amazing, even if mine isn't.

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