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I need some advice please


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I have just been out of the relationship not too long ago.It was a mutual understanding for BU but I didn't realize how much he meant to me until we actually broke up.I tried really hard to stay NC with him however he did try contacting me.We had a very small talk.And two days ago I texted him and it seemed like he still has some feelings for me.It feels like we both still love each other but it just didn't work out between us.I don't know what to do at this point? I want to move on but something is holding me back saying that we are still meant to be.I wish that we would get back together again..

Any suggestions?

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I read your previous posts.


You were involved with this guy for two years and he didn't tell you he loved you, but only liked you. This is a big problem, as he does not share your feelings. The relationship is also long distance, how can you expect it to work. You need to be present in each others lives.


I say that you should move on; the guy is emotionally and physically detached. Maybe you are too, as you have stayed in this relationship for two years. If you really want a relationship, then why don't you find someone who is local!

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